These people are immune to corona – one world – outside the borders


An exciting study has found that people who contracted SARS during an outbreak in 2003 could be immunized against the coronavirus that causes the “Covid-19” epidemic.

American and Swiss experts discovered that infection with the SARS-Cove virus, which causes acute respiratory syndrome, stimulates the production of antibodies that target the Speptik protein, or S protein, that is responsible for coronary virus binding to receptors on the surface of the human cell.

Scientists have concluded that “S309”, one of the classes of these antibodies, can effectively eliminate SARS-Cove-2 protein molecules, so that people who survived SARS may be immune to the new coronavirus.

The researchers reported that a mixture of such antibodies can be used to treat acute forms of the “Covid-19” epidemic, and to immunize the people most susceptible to infection from the disease.

Coronavirus infection was spreading around the world, and the latest WHO data records, more than 4.6 million people have been infected, of whom 312,000 have died.



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