These are alternatives and … losses


Tomorrow, Tuesday, the “Cannes International Film Festival” was supposed to start, before it was postponed to next year due to the Corona epidemic. However, the prominent French festival still hopes that American director Spike Lee will chair the jury for 2021 as scheduled this year.Festival president Pierre L’Escore told the French newspaper Le Figaro that “Spike Lee is great. He told us that he is ready to head the jury in 2021. ” As for Thierry Frémaux, delegate of the general festival, he confirmed in an interview to the British website «» that «he told us that he will stay on the date no matter what happens. We hope to be able to do that next year. ”
The famous American cinematographer was also supposed to present, outside the framework of the official competition, “a wonderful movie that he accomplished with” Netflix “under the title” Da 5 Bloods “, as Fremo pointed out, indicating that” this surprise would mark the return “of the American streaming platform to the red carpet outside the framework of the official competition. Of course.
L’Escore and Fremo pointed out that studying the alternative forms that the festival might take this year continues with the possibility of cooperation with the “Venice Festival”. “We agree on the principle of doing something in common, but we are studying the form it must take,” L’Escour said, while Fremo stressed the desire “to present films together”, according to what was reported by Agence France-Presse.
The delegate also mentioned the possibility of participating in the Toronto, Deauville, Angoulême, San Sebastian, New York, Busan festivals in South Koya and Lumière in Lyon as well.
On the cost of canceling the “Cannes International Film Festival”, he estimated Leskor losses at “five to ten million euros”, but at the same time he pointed out that the European event “organized its finances and treasury by setting up a fund of 20 million euros that protects it from risks.”


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