There is no specific date for the return of the League.


Leganes coach Javier Aguirre sparked controversy last night, after he stated that his team had been informed of the return of the Spanish championship on June 20.
But Leganes’ team boss, Victoria Baboon, denied what the Mexican coach said, “I don’t know where this information came from, the League did not inform us of any date for the return of the league.”Babon pointed out that the League “League” contacted the Spanish team to find out the source of this information from the former coach of the Egyptian national team, and the matter was completely denied.

Several media outlets considered coach Javier Aguirre’s announcement an official announcement of the return of the “La Liga” competitions, shortly after the announcement of the return of the German League on May 16th.

But the issue seems more complicated in Spain, after discovering 5 positive cases infected with Covid 19 disease after examining the teams, and it deals with three first-class players and second-class players.


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