The World Health Organization calls for “full vigilance” to avoid a second wave of coronavirus outbreak


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                The World Health Organization is concerned that several countries are entering the stage of quarantine removal. The organization called for "full vigilance" to avoid a second wave of corona virus outbreaks, with new epidemic epidemics in South Korea and China registered. On Tuesday, the chief US epidemiologist, Anthony Fuchi, warned of the dire consequences in his country of any return to work and recreation places today.  

                                    <p>Organization called <strong>Global health</strong> To "full vigilance" and to warn against a second wave of corona virus, as the number of deaths around the world exceeded 286 thousand, at a time when Russia began cautiously reducing isolation measures with its casualties rising to more than 232 thousand confirmed cases, becoming the second country in terms of infections after the states United.

And every Russian region could slowly and slowly lift as of Tuesday some restrictions, but Moscow, the main epicenter of the epidemic in the country with 121301 casualties, extended isolation until May 31.

Kremlin spokesman Dimitri Pskov announced that he was ill and undergoing treatment, while the paid leave period expired and some workers returned to work.

And like Russia, several European countries started the stage of lifting the stone while maintaining a number of precautionary measures, as putting masks in the group is mandatory.

Iran has said it will reopen mosques for three nights this week for the first time since March, after it struggled to contain an outbreak that has killed more than 6,700 people.

In South Korea, whose campaign against the epidemic is among the most successful in the world, mobile phone data is used to track visitors to nightclubs in Seoul after recording new cases that have caused delays to open schools.

Trump appears eager to restart the economy amid a sharp rise in unemployment. But he faces resistance, as American Chief Epidemiologist Anthony Fauchi warned Tuesday of severe consequences if the Americans return to work, and mass recreational activities return before the epidemic is brought under control.

Meanwhile, observers are anxiously looking to Wuhan, where the virus first appeared late last year, after the Chinese city reported its first cases of Covid-19 since it resumed normal on April 8 after a 76-day closure.

As a result, the Chinese authorities moved to conduct extensive checks on the city’s 11 million residents.

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