The war has begun … Reham Saeed: “There are those who pay money to stop me from appearing.”


The controversial media, Reham Saeed, said that the war started against it, after it announced its intention to re-appear on the screen again, months after the decision to stop it from appearing in the media.Reham announced that she would legalize her situation with the Media Syndicate in preparation for her return to practicing the profession soon, but she returned and commented on a photo she published through her personal account on the “Instagram” application, saying that the war started.

She wrote: “The war started before any need, I did not know that I am so important, and with fear that I could not know just to think about going back all the failure, they started to brush their teeth, by fixing what for? If you were not afraid, you wouldn’t sit at home and watch yourself, you wouldn’t be afraid of that. ”

She added: “Rest assured, I am still not returning, and it is possible to return. If our Lord did not want, and I could die, but the 24 hours that they missed proved me that success is not brutal, and that the whole people are aware. The idea that you are losers and you will prefer losers backed, oh, but successful, you do not die in this world. ”

In October, Reham obtained a verdict of innocence in a lawsuit filed by a lawyer accusing her of contempt for a group of citizens and insulting obese patients, after describing obese patients as ugly, and insulting them as dependents on their families and a burden on the state, and that they are “dead” through its program.

The National Council for Women filed a complaint against it and against the program, and after that the channel decided to suspend the program until the investigations were completed, before issuing a decision to stop it from appearing for two years.


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