The war between China and America may start from this point


A report of the British newspaper “Daily Mail” revealed that China is trying to exploit the world’s preoccupation with the emerging “Corona” virus, to extend its control over the “South China Sea”, likely that the “Sea of ​​China” is the point where the war between America on the one hand and China can begin. And Russia on the other hand.

The newspaper pointed out that these steps worried the United States of America, so Washington quickly responded by sending 3 warships there.

According to the newspaper, Beijing ignores international law and is trying to control an area of ​​about two million square miles in the “South China Sea” illegally, and plans to militarize the islands and reefs in the region, and to exploit oil and mineral fields, as it plans to build nuclear reactors there.

The newspaper added that experts believe that the “Sea of ​​China” is the region in which the war between America on the one hand and Russia and China on the other hand can begin, and that the neighboring countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and Brunei will all be under fire and indirectly involved in the conflict. .

The Chinese Minister of Defense, Wei Feng, has announced that his country will “fight at any cost” if war breaks out with the United States.

The “South China Sea” is a vital place for the global economy, it contains the most profitable shipping lanes in the world, and carries a value of about 4.2 trillion dollars annually.
It is estimated that 12% of British seaborne trade ($ 120 billion in imports and exports annually) passes through the region.

The dispute over the region dates back to 1947 when, following the surrender of Japan in 1945, Beijing drew the so-called “nine lines” line, which means that about 90% of the “South China Sea” came under its sovereignty, and this angered other countries, considering This is in violation of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

The dispute is centered on competing countries’ claims to the Paracel and Spratly archipelago and the water and resources around it.

In turn, China has turned 3 disputed large islands into military bases as satellite images show, and another airport on the Diaoyu Island has been equipped with missiles, combat aircraft and radar systems there.

It is expected to get worse after the US President blamed China for the outbreak of the “Corona virus.”The moves come days after media reports revealed that China was preparing to announce the supersonic missile launcher later this year.

According to these reports, the new “the Xian H-20” missile launcher will make China the third country after the United States and Russia, capable of launching nuclear weapons from land, sea, air, or what is known as the “nuclear triad.”


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