The United States .. Corona’s injuries exceed one million and 219 thousand


The United States .. Corona's injuries exceed one million and 219 thousand


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Hospitals in the United States

The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that the total number of cases of corona infection in the United States rose to more than one million and 219 thousand cases, an increase of 25,253 over the previous census.

The same sources indicated Thursday that “the number of deaths increased by 2495 to reach 73297 cases.”

The sources stressed that “the outcome is for cases of respiratory disease known as Covid-19 caused by the Corona virus, until Wednesday evening,” and the centers’ numbers do not necessarily reflect the number of cases that the states register individually.

It is reported that the American Food and Drug Administration agreed to start the second stage of clinical trials to test a vaccine against the Corona virus produced by Moderna company.

The company announced Thursday, “The production of the first batches of the vaccine will be in next July, with the aim of reaching one billion doses of the vaccine.”

According to the producing company, “the vaccine will be tested on 600 people in the second stage of the clinical trials, and other volunteers will be enrolled in the tests over the age of 55”.

Source: “Reuters”


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