The United States allows the use of Ebola to treat Covid-19 patients in emergency situations


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Dosages of remdecifer

Experts warn against looking at Remisdiver as “magic shot”

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has allowed the use of a remedyiver that treats Ebola, to treat people with coronavirus in emergencies.

This means that antivirals can now be given to patients who are hospitalized with severe Covid-19 symptoms.

A recent clinical trial showed that the drug helped patients, in advanced cases, recover more quickly.

However, granting FDA authorization to use the drug in emergency situations does not mean that it has formal approval, as it requires a higher level review.

Experts cautioned against looking at the drug, which was originally made to treat Ebola, and which is being produced by “Gilliad Drug Company”, as if it was a “magic solution” against Corona.

In a meeting with US President Donald Trump at the Oval Office, CEO Gilliad Daniel Ude said the FDA mandate was an important first step, announcing that the company would donate 1.5 million doses of the drug.

“This is the first treatment for Covid-19 licensed, so we feel proud to be part of the process,” said Stephen Hahn, the FDA Commissioner, who participated in the meeting.

What do we know about remedifier?

Donald Trump was one of the strongest supporters of Remedisfer as a potential corona treatment.

During clinical tests conducted by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in the United States, it was found that the drug shortens the recovery time from 15 to 11 days. The trials included 1,063 people in hospitals around the world, some were given medicine, and others were given placebo treatment (a placebo to measure response).

The director of the institute, Dr. Antoine Fauchi, said, “The effect of Remedisfer on reducing the recovery stage was clear, important, and positive.”

Although Remedsever may help recover, and may reduce patients’ need for intensive care, the trials have provided no clear indication of a drug’s role in preventing death from the emerging coronavirus.




New York Home for the Elderly

News of a possible treatment comes after a nursing home in New York has announced 98 deaths related to corona.

The Isabella Center for the Elderly in Manhattan said that 46 of its inmates died after being confirmed with the virus, while the other 52 dead were suspected.

Dr. Fauchi was prevented from testifying next week before a congressional committee looking into the Trump administration’s response to the epidemic.

“As the Trump administration continues its full government response to Covid-19, including a safe reopening of the border, and a speedy development of a vaccine, it is counterproductive to ask individuals involved in these efforts to appear at congressional hearings,” White House spokesman Jad Derry said.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization defended its response to the disease at the start of its outbreak in China, saying it was “not a waste of time.” India has extended restrictions on movement for two weeks.

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