The Tennis Federation coordinates with Dubai Sports to resume sporting activities – Sport – Local


The Tennis Federation Board of Directors held its regular (remote) meeting, under the direction of Sheikh Hasher Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Board of Directors, as a precautionary measure to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

A press statement said: «During the meeting, a number of fundamental points related to tennis activity in the Emirates were discussed, in a way that contributes to preserving the qualitative shift witnessed in the game, and how to continue giving after the completion of the (Corona) stage, and members of the Board of Directors discussed a study prepared by the technical committee For the federation, it relates to the number of officially registered academies and how to communicate with them in order to make more efforts to maintain the permanence of tennis practice in the Emirates. Communication was also discussed with the Al Habtoor International Tennis Academy regarding the completion of some important competitions that were suspended with the suspension of sports activities, And that serves the program (Tennis of the Future), which is organized in cooperation between the UAE and international tennis federations, and support was discussed with the distinguished communication with the International Federation to continue hosting international youth championships, which the UAE is one of the main destinations in the Middle East, and will be held in Dubai and Fujairah » .

The meeting said: “The meeting stood on what has been achieved since the start of the 2020/19 season from October 1 to March 15 regarding development and teams, local classification tournaments and international meetings, in a manner that enhances cooperation with the International Tennis Federation, in addition to supporting the gains that It was achieved thanks to the website of the federation since its inception, and it led to distinguished results. ”

For his part, the federation’s deputy chairman, Ahmed Abdel-Malek Ahly, confirmed that the meeting was very positive, especially as he discussed an agenda filled with axes, and came out with recommendations confirming the continuation of remote work to preserve the gains achieved. He added in a press statement: “We studied re-enactment early, because of the tennis sport’s specificity of divergence, as we have contacted the Dubai Sports Council and academies in this regard, and we look forward to the Tennis Association being one of the first federations to re-energize. Carrying out a study for the next stage after the return of sports activities, to ensure compensation for competitions that have not been established, thanks in the name of the Board of Directors of the Dubai Sports Council, the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, the Sharjah Sports Council, the International Al Habtoor Academy, and all the specialized clubs for fruitful cooperation aimed at a future success Tennis in the Emirates.




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