The sun is a less active star, but it is the best – thought and art – the last page


Researchers said that the sun is a star apparently much less active than similar stars, in terms of brightness changes resulting from sunspots and other phenomena, describing them as being “boring” in character, but perhaps the best option for the people of the earth.

The researchers said the day before yesterday that a survey that included 369 stars similar to the sun in terms of surface temperature, size, and the period of rotation around the axis – it takes about one and a half days for the sun to rotate around its axis – about 24 and a half days – showing that the change in brightness of other stars exceeds that of the sun five times on average. . “This change is caused by dark spots on the surface of the star during rotation,” said Timo Reinhold, a researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Germany and a research leader published in the journal Science.



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