The Staples Center is applying to host the NBA matches


The Los Angeles Times reported that the Staples Center has requested to host the remaining matches of the NBA season.

And still the idea of ​​completing the season in a combined league method in one or two places is the perfect solution for NBA officials today.

The newspaper reported that the management of the Staples Center hall presented an integrated plan that includes ease of movement and the presence of a number of hotels and restaurants next to it, which will facilitate many logistical matters.

The Staples Center is one of the most famous halls in the basketball world and one of the largest fans, as it hosts the home games of the Los Angeles Lakers and its neighbor Clippers.

} Pax Owner expects to return

After 6 or 8 weeks}

On the other hand, the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks club saw that the NBA may resume after 6 and 8 weeks, as the clubs are likely to gather in Orlando and Las Vegas for the games.

On Thursday, Mark Lasry told CNBC that the league, which was suspended due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus, was close to resuming its matches, which were suspended after the French Utah Jazz player Rudi Goubert was infected with the virus “Covid-19” on March 11.

“We are very close, we will have an administrative meeting next Friday, and I am sure we will talk about it at the time,” the billionaire told Asri.

Several league players have played individual exercises in their club facilities this month, to regain their fitness in the hope of resuming the league.

As the players return, he added, “I think the momentum will be stronger and we will get something. We hope between 6 and 8 weeks we will be back to play.”

And the league stopped about a month before the end of the regular role, while the playoff roles were decided in mid-April.

The association is expected to issue directives on June 1, allowing clubs to start calling players.

The network “ISBN” that the directives will include determining the date at which the clubs can expand the individual training, some of which have already resumed, and the inclusion of more players and take part in group exercises.

Among the suggestions, the shortening of the remaining period of the regular season, and the participation of more than 16 teams in the «Play Off». “I think viewership will fly, everyone wants to watch,” added Lasry.

And about hosting a site or two for matches, Malek Pax continued, “How is it easier for everyone, I think they will locate two sites, maybe Las Vegas in the west and Orlando in the east.”

Pax tops the league standings with 53 wins and 12 losses, after his Greek star Yannis Antitoconembo shone, trying to win his first title since 1971.

The death of Jerry Sloan, the trainer

Historic Utah Jazz}

On the other hand, Jerry Sloan, who trained Utah Jazz 23 seasons in the NBA before retiring in 2011, died at 78 years of age, according to what his club announced.

Sloan, who participated in the “All-Star twice” game in his career as a winger for 11 seasons, died of complications from Parkinson’s disease and dementia, which he had been battling with since at least 2015.

Sloan, who entered the Hall of Fame in 2009, was chosen by the Baltimore Polets in the Draft Professional League in 1965, and he played with him for a season before spending a decade with the Chicago Bulls who pulled his number (4) in 1978 in an unprecedented move from the club.

After training Pauls for two and a half seasons (1979-1982), Sloan began a fantastic career with Utah Jazz in 1988 and led him to the knockout roles in 15 consecutive seasons between 1989 and 2003.

Jazz, along with superstar superstars Carl Mallon and John Stockton, spent his best seasons under Sloan in the 97th and 98th seasons, reaching the final and losing specifically to Bulls and his legend Michael Jordan.

Malek Jaz Gayle Miller said: “We are honored to have one of the greatest and most respected coaches in the league on our team.”

Sloan ended his career with his third largest number of victories (1221-803) behind Greg Popovich (1272), Lenny Wilkins (1332) without Nelson (1335), and seven titles for his area in the league, the clubs that he supervised the knockout rounds reached 20 times.

“Jerry Sloan will always remain synonymous with Utah Jazz, forever will be part of the Jazz Organization,” the team said in a statement.

} Patrick Ewing, former legend of Knicks, contracted the Corona virus

On the other hand, Patrick Ewing, the New York Nix legend, who is a competitor in the NBA and current coach of the Georgetown University team, announced that he was infected with the new Corona virus.

“I want to tell you that I have been diagnosed positively with the Covid-19 virus,” Ewing, 57, wrote in a statement on his Twitter account. This virus is very dangerous and should not be taken lightly. I want to invite everyone to stay safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones. ” “Now more than ever, I want to thank the health care workers and all the people on the front lines.” “I’ll be fine and we will get over it.”

Meanwhile, the Georgetown University Sports Department indicated that Ewing is receiving care and is being held in a local hospital. “He is the only person on the men’s basketball team who has contracted the virus.”

Ewing has played 17 seasons in the NBA, 15 of which are with the New York Knicks and participated in the “All-Star” match on 11 occasions. He was also a player on the Dream Team dream team that crowned the gold of the 1992 Olympics, which he also won in 1984.

“We wish you a speedy recovery, old man,” Knicks told his legend via his Twitter account. “Stay strong.”

Eung topped the Draft List of the Professional League after leading Georgetown University to the League League title (NCAA) in 1985 and was named Best Young Player in the NBA in 1986.

After retiring from the game in 2002, he moved to coaching and worked as a coach assistant in many of the clubs in the Professional League before he coached Georgetown University since 2017.


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