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7/5 10:30


If you are a person who hates having the Stadia Controller connected to your computer all the time, you will be happy to know that Google has announced that this console will now work with your computers over a wireless connection. This gives you the ultimate cable disposal.

According to Google, I said: “Starting this week, you can now use the Stadia Controller to play wirelessly on your laptop and desktop computer. You no longer need to physically connect your Stadia Controller to your favorite games. You will be able to connect Stadia Controller and over your WiFi network and play without pairing via a USB Type-C cable.

While desktop computers come with multiple ports, the switch to wireless makes the Stadia Controller ideal for gaming on laptops, which these days may come with fewer ports and may depend entirely on USB Type-C ports, so if you have some Ports that are already in use, this will keep some of them at least vacant for use for other purposes.

It will also make it easier for you to switch between devices such as your computer, phone, tablet or TV. These changes are expected to start appearing this week, so check to see if this is the feature you are looking for.

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