The shooting of “Prestige 4” was launched … but?


“Sabah Brothers” projects (Sadiq Al-Sabah) were absent from the current Ramadan competition due to delay in filming due to the Corona virus. This absence created a vacuum in the race, even though these actions were subject to criticism. With the movement back to photography, the cameras of the Lebanese company circulated, and the filming of the series headed by “Al-Haiba 4” (workshop of writers and directed by Samer Al-Barqawi), which brought together Tim Hassan, Mona Wasef, Abdo Shaheen and Owais Makhlalati, resumed, and the stars started by completing the text they had kept for eight months. It is true that photography is currently continuing, but it is limited to the Lebanese only. The stars Dima Kandalaft, Mona Wasef, and Rosina are my followers who are still in Syria and have not yet been able to come to Beirut due to the closure of the borders. Therefore, photography is currently restricted to external scenes that collect Lebanese stars. Workers are waiting for the stars to join them from Damascus, and it is reported that this step may take place next week immediately after Eid Al-Fitr, knowing that he did not know the timing of the “prestige 4” offer yet.


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