The Saudi market continues to rise and exceed levels of 7 thousand points


RIYADH – Mubasher: The general index of the Saudi stock market ended the trading session today, Tuesday, driven by almost collective growth for all sectors.

In conclusion, the general index of the market “Tasi” rose by 1.78%, gaining 123.41 points to reach the level of 7044 points.

The general index of the energy sector increased by 2.76%, the banking sector increased by 1.91%, the telecommunications sector gained 1.82%, and the basic materials sector increased by 1.80%.

Shares in abundance rose by 10%, followed by fish by 10%, and tubes increased by 6.92%.

On the other hand, the declines were led by Dallah Health, with a share of 4.07%, followed by AXA Cooperative share by 3.52%, and ACIG fell by 2.38%.

Dar Al-Arkan was the most active in terms of volume by about 32.44 million shares, while Aramco was the most active in terms of liquidity by about 793.143 million riyals.

And dealings were on 5.44 billion riyals distributed on 223.156 thousand transactions through trading on 242.29 million shares.

The Saudi stock market – Tadawul ended the session yesterday, with a noticeable increase, to record its second consecutive rise, amid a remarkable increase in liquidity by 1.41%, with gains of 96.45 points, which rose it to the level of 6,921.15 points.


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