The return of the Bundesliga activity gives life to the English League


London – The decisive decision taken by the German government on Wednesday to give the green light for the resumption of the football season and its confirmation Thursday that the Bundesliga League on May 16 as the date for the return of the championship activity, sent hope in the ranks of many European leagues that are still anxious to take a similar step.

According to press reports on Thursday, the English Premier League matches will resume after the decision to resume the German Premier League matches.

According to the newspaper “Times”, the British government supports a plan to resume the season on June 12 without an audience and with increased security standards.

The newspaper pointed out that most of the remaining 92 games in the Premier League, in addition to 108 first-class matches, will be broadcast on television, and probably for free.

The English Premier League has repeatedly stressed that it can overcome the huge logistical challenges of bringing players back to the field during the new Corona virus outbreak crisis, but it has not long accepted the reality of the public’s absence from the stands.

The FA’s president, Greg Clark, this week added more pessimism about the crowd, after admitting that the guidelines for social separation make it impossible for fans to be on the stadiums “anytime soon.”

And English football stopped since mid-March due to the outbreak of Virus Covid-19, and the decision was taken to end the 2019-2020 season in each of the leagues without the first four grades, but the effects of the pandemic may not be limited to the current season, but there is a possibility to extend until the 2020-2021 season, according to What Clark warned in a letter to the English Football Association Board.

Greg Clark: We are facing a change in the spherical system with the application of social spacing
Greg Clark: We are facing a change in the spherical system with the application of social spacing

“While continuing to apply social divergence in the future, we are facing major changes in the entire globe economic system,” Clark said. For example, it is difficult to expect crowds of fans who are the lifeblood of the game, to return to matches any time soon. ”

The Premier League is still hoping to end the season behind closed doors with the “Appeal Project”, which aims to reduce expected losses by 762 million pounds ($ 946 million) if the tournament is not completed.

According to the latest report issued by the European Union for the game “UEFA” on the status of clubs, only 13 percent of the Premier League revenue comes from match tickets, and therefore, the major clubs in England are distinguished from their counterparts in other tournaments by their ability to overcome the dilemma of the absence of ticket revenue in Playing behind closed doors, she can get out of the economic storm by collecting huge revenue from TV rights.

“We may not like it, it may not be the best solution, but it is the only solution that we have to go with,” says David Weber, a lecturer in football studies at Solent University, on playing in the absence of the public.

However, the revenues generated by television broadcasts in the English Premier League are not only tied to the quality of the players, but also to the enthusiastic atmosphere the passionate fans bring to matches.

Richard Scudamore, who held the position of CEO and CEO of the Premier League between 1999 and 2018 and was influential in the Premier’s transformation into a commercial giant, said in a statement to the British newspaper “Telegraph” that “the entire economic model works only when the entire foundations are largely available.” No actor wants to perform in front of an empty hall. ”

Football has been absent from English football since March 9 and will not return until June at the very least, amid a “killer” wait for the Liverpool fans who were on their way to winning their first title since 1990 before the suspension.

After this long pause, the league’s organizers hope to reach a formula for the resumption of the season while preserving part of the revenues that were expected from the match tickets, by putting forward the idea of ​​buying “virtual seasonal tickets” to watch each live match in a step that reduces losses.

But Brighton expert and football researcher Mark Dwidg agrees with Scudamore that the essence of what makes the Premier League special might be lost in the absence of fans attending the stands.

Tottenham midfielder and England national team captain Harry Winks admitted that it was “a strange situation in the absence of the fans. This (the fans) is what makes football the way it is, that creates the atmosphere. I don’t like this (audience lack). ”

Green light to continue the journey
Green light to continue the journey

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