The Red Bull team excludes Sebastian Vettel in 2021


Red Bull manager Christian Horner has ruled out the possibility of Sebastian Vettel joining his ranks in the 2021 season of the F1 World Championship.

After Ferrari confirmed Sebastian Vettel’s departure at the end of the 2020 season, rumors abounded of the next step for the quad world champion.

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There are very few chances for Vettel to transfer to one of the three big teams, due to the difficulty of his transfer to Mercedes, in addition to the exclusion of Horner for the return of the German to Red Bull, where he won his four world titles between (2010 and 2013).

Horner touched on this topic, saying: “I think Sebastian Vettel’s joining the Red Bull team is very unlikely.. We have a long-term commitment with Max Verstappen. Alexander Albun also performed well. We have a dynamic and a good team mechanism. ”

He continued: “We have experience in the past, which indicates that the presence of two of the best drivers in the world within the ranks of one team is not considered good. I don’t think it will be a good and positive thing for the team. ”

He added:Ultimately, Vettel must decide on his next step. Relatively young, he is in his early thirties. He will definitely have a very competitive performance level if he continues. ”

He continued:Regardless of his decision, and in the event he continued in the formula 1 Or, he decided to retire, and he made amazing achievements in this championship. He won the title four times, he is one of the most successful drivers ever.


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