The plan aims to cross Lebanon, the difficult stage, and what we are proposing today is not a house, but a subject of modernization, amendment, and debate – Al Manar TV – Lebanon


Prime Minister Dr. Hassan Diab asserted, in the national meeting, that “dialogue becomes the most important to strengthen the ranks in the national crisis,” noting that “the government fought huge and huge challenges, but insisted on tackling the financial situation in light of the pressing impact at all levels.”

“We were at a critical crossroads, and we decided to tackle this financial crisis and the Corona virus came with very limited capabilities, yet the government succeeded in securing the safe landing with minimal damage,” he added.

President Diab said that “there is no room for auctions today and no place to settle accounts, and it is not supposed to open past doors in politics, and the accusations will be a loss for the Lebanese.”
He said, “The Lebanese are no longer interacting with the events, but they are now making the event and have become partners in the decision and are held accountable for every small and large issue. The plan is to cross the difficult phase of Lebanon.

President Diab considered that “it is not permissible to turn back on an objective logic, and we are doomed to deal with the conditions with sincere cooperation between all political and representative forces and interact with the Lebanese in saving them from this crisis that threatens their livelihood,” calling for “getting rid of delusions of interest” and said: ” What will all the political problems benefit if the country collapses? What will the political races benefit if the pillars of the state fall?

Source: National Information Agency


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