The NBA stars support the resumption of the season


NBA superstars such as LeBron James, Stephen Kerry, Kevin Durant and Giannis Antikonumbo support the resumption of the current season’s activities that are currently suspended due to the Corona virus outbreak, according to a US media report.

A report by «Yahoo Sport» that the players expressed their desire to resume the activities of the season in a conference call «Conference Conference» among the prominent players in the competition and that the organizer of this conference is Chris Paul, the star of Oklahoma City Thunder, who heads the American Football League players Pro basketball.

The report also indicated that players Anthony Davis, Cahue Leonard, Damian Lillard and Russell Westbrook also participated in the conference.

The NBA competition was discontinued on March 11 because of the Corona pandemic, and it is not yet clear whether the season will be completed and how it will be completed.

The discussion between the major players touched on the possibility of resuming the competition without the fans and on fewer stadiums.


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