“The National Meeting” .. Who will attend and who will boycott?


The circles of Ain Al-Tineh confirmed to Al-Gomhoria that President Nabih Berri will personally participate in the meeting that President Michel Aoun called in Baabda next Wednesday. These circles denounced the rumors that Berri resented the method of calling the meeting. Noting that nothing of this nature did not come from him, in addition to that the President of the Council is with every dialogue meeting that would discuss solutions and exits to the current crisis.

The circles pointed out that Berri’s priority is to fortify the Lebanese position, to succeed in negotiations with the creditors of “Eurobond” and “International Monetary Fund”, and to save the financial, economic and social situation in the country.Hours before the apology of the “Future” apology was issued, political references to the “Republic” revealed intense contacts between Berri and President Saad Hariri and head of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, to coordinate positions and steps to accompany the call of the President of the Republic.

Al-Gomhoria learned that the Kataeb and Lebanese Forces parties will officially inform the Republican Palace today whether they will participate in the meeting or not, knowing that a number of heads of parliamentary blocs confirmed their attendance.While informed sources told Al-Gomhoria about the possibility that former Deputy Prime Minister Ghassan Hasbani, head of the Lebanese Forces party, Samir Geagea, will be known, the Marada bloc headed by former Minister Suleiman Franjieh assigned MP Farid Al-Khazen to represent it at the meeting.

Pending the decision of the Phalangist Political Bureau, which holds its weekly regular meeting this afternoon, to decide its final decision to participate in the meeting or boycott, the leader of the Phalanges Party, Deputy Sami Gemayel, will participate in it personally, or that someone will represent him. The “Democratic Gathering” bloc will also meet this afternoon to decide with the participation of Jumblatt personally in the meeting or to delegate his representative to him, which is the likely option, so that his representative will carry his remarks on the reform paper.

To that, member of the “Independent Center” bloc, MP Nicolas Nahhas, confirmed to “Al-Gomhoria”, that he will represent the bloc at the meeting “because its president, Naguib Mikati, is busy with deadlines that he could not be freed from.” And he confirmed that “the Republican Palace circles concerned with the arrangements were informed of this decision.”Nahhas pointed out that “the mass will be issued in the coming hours separating the date of the meeting, a detailed statement in which its observations on the plan will be specified, and added to the file that it uploads to the meeting.”

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