The Mufti of “Choice” ignites controversy … and the actor reveals the truth about his affiliation


A great controversy was raised by the first scenes in which the Egyptian artist, Ahmed Al-Rafei, appeared in the series “The Choice”, which is being screened during the current month of Ramadan, where he plays the role of “Omar Rifai, the mufti of extremist groups”, whose relationship with terrorist Hisham Ashmawi is strengthened.

After everyone praised Al-Rafii, who graduated from the Institute of Performing Arts, before completing his studies in Al-Azhar and graduating from the Higher Institute for Islamic Studies, due to his performance at work, however, this praise soon turned into a violent attack against the background of previous publications he wrote via his Facebook account “I made some accuse him of not being in the series, but rather presenting a character close to his reality.

In an interview with “Al”, Al-Rafii talked about joining the series, confirming that he was hoping to write his name on a work telling the story of Ahmed Mansi. He said that when one of his friends nominated him to director Peter Mimi, he took the test and was chosen to present the “Omar Rifai” character.

A background on extreme currents

Al-Rafii also revealed how to hold the lines of personality, stressing that “a while ago he was interested in this matter and reading about extremist currents.”

He pointed out that “during that period, he saw some of those close to him attracted to these currents, which is what made him very sad.” He pointed out that he was “subject to extremist ideas when he was young, but when he received the sciences from their correct source he was known as the toxins that were transmitted around him.”

During his studies of the character, he stated that he “took an interest in what is known as the” psychology of terrorism “, which gave him an opportunity to get to know and represent Omar Rifai’s personality.

Omar Rifai Omar Rifai

At the moment when Al-Rafii decided to take on this character, Omar Rifai’s sister attacked him on social media, which he commented on as having received a great deal of insult and insult, as these things were communicating to him through his friends who told him what he was subjected to.

He added that he was also attacked by the movement, which he initially praised.

“They are not honest with themselves.”

Al-Rafii commented on those who attacked him because of his opinions that he had previously written on social media, saying that this is part of the means of social disintegration, especially since the same people who praised him returned to attack him and delete all the positive things that they wrote about him.

Ahmed Al-Rafei Ahmed Al-Rafei

He also said: “You praise me because I agree with you, nor do I, because I am an artist … You are not honest with yourselves,” adding that the work came under severe attack that started with Ahmed Al-Awadi and then moved on to attack him.

To that he explained that “the work was not made for entertainment or entertainment”, and he saw that his participation in the series is “Karama Ahmed Mansi .. We were working on a service for a person like this. Ahmed Mansi is the groom of the event.”

A decisive answer had to be made about the fact that Al-Rafii belonged to any extremist current, and commented on the attack, which he said: “I, as an Egyptian, disavow all currents.”


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