The “Mobile Photo Film” festival opens in Lebanon


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The “Mobile Photo Film” festival started in Lebanon today, Friday, May 8, 2020 06:45 am

“Istanbuli Theater” and the “Tiro Association of Arts” in Lebanon decided to hold the first session of the “International Film Festival for Mobile Film” on June 20-21, next. This event is based on an official competition held through the Facebook site and page of the Tire Film Festival. And it opens its doors until May 20 this year in front of everyone who desires young talents. It gives them opportunities to present their visuals through the mobile phone camera. It encourages many of them who do not have the means to start their first cinematic experiences.

The committee supervising the festival set the conditions for participation, the most important of which is the necessity of photographing the work in the mobile camera, provided that its quality is not less than 20 megapixels. It can be short record and narration, with or without music, and may not exceed 5 minutes and not less than 2 minutes.

“The arts keep pace with people in all their circumstances and they will be like his social mirror,” said Qasim Istanbouly, the organizer of the festival, in an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat. It also reflects his psychological state of frustration, sadness, joy and happiness. We decided to take this step in a time of social divergence imposed by the epidemic, in order to allow people from different countries of the world to express their aspirations and fears, as well as to reveal topics and ideas other than (Corona) you want.

Istanbul Theater in the southern city of Tire has previously organized direct art workshops over the Internet. As well as a project entitled “From the Net” that includes the production of a short movie on the balcony and windows of homes through the mobile phone last month. Qasim Istanbouli comments in the context of his speech: “In fact, it is the project (from the window) that prompted us to organize (the International Mobile Film Festival of Tire). Through it, and through the intensity of the video clips we received, we felt how people needed to express their suffering. These short films served as a means of disclosure and silver to many from Lebanon and abroad, seeing them as an outlet they needed in a time of home quarantine and social distance. ”

Istanbouli refers to the topics dealt with by the participants in this festival and says: “We have received films from Gaza that tell the suffering of the photographer today in Palestine, and in light of the Israeli occupation of their country. We also received a film from the Netherlands, in which one of them depicted how to spend a whole day in the time of (Corona). From Tunisia, we received a film about the customs and traditions of the month of Ramadan. The diversity in the topics covered constitutes the advantage of this festival, as with a mobile camera, the photographer’s task is to facilitate the production of a short film.

Some of these films include a story, song, and even a poem or musical instrument. “The pandemic under which the entire population of the globe lives has had a positive face, represented by the progress of humanity over other social values, especially the false ones that pervade societies. People through these films sincerely express themselves away from the physical elements and external appearances that prevailed in the rhythm of their lives before the pandemic ».

In his speech, Istanbuli stresses that the Tero Society of Arts is working on programming artistic and educational cinemas for children and youth through its website. He adds: «These works would weave reciprocal networks with festivals abroad, providing an opportunity for young directors to show their films, as well as to introduce the electronic audience to the history of local and international cinema. Decentralization also believes in mobile shows through (Bus of Art and Peace), which travels in various regions of Lebanon in order to encourage its people to approach cinematic art from different angles.

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