The Ministry of Public Health provides Covid-19 Health Bot to citizens of Lebanon


The Ministry of Public Health in # Lebanon (MoPH) has announced the introduction of the Covid-19 Health Bot solution for citizens, a program developed by trakMD in cooperation with Microsoft and epidemiological and e-health monitoring at the Ministry of Public Health in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO).

The program, run by Microsoft Azure, contains a symptom checker that simulates six scenarios that allow people to conduct self-assessments to detect potential injuries, as well as the ability to identify severely ill patients in line with medical procedures and to direct them for further consultations and treatment in the hospital.

Lina Abu Murad, Director of the National e-Health Program at the Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon, said: “While we follow the directions published by the World Health Organization, we are keen to spread virtual services like Bot Health Care to our citizens to ensure the safety of our medical workers and to maintain the continuity of service to the nation. Bot supports us by providing the correct information about Covid-19 to people, and accessing this accurate information widely. ”

Microsoft’s Healthcare Bot service is a cloud service that enables healthcare organizations to create and deploy virtual health assistants and AI chat robots that can be used to enhance their operations, self-service, and cost-optimization efforts.

The Bot program also comes with other Artificial Intelligence (AI) services for health care, including a symptom checker, medical content from well-known industry resources, and language understanding models tuned to understand medical and clinical terms.

For its part, Microsoft’s director of Lebanon and Jordan, Rola Shehab, said: “At such times, it is important to provide prompt medical services, but more importantly, the introduction of technology that provides our partners in hospitals and health care institutions the opportunity to make the right decisions at the right time. Microsoft Health Bot is designed for this purpose and we hope that we can enable the health sector and community members with this technology in order to better manage the epidemic. ”

Microsoft’s bot healthcare service has been used by healthcare organizations for more than a year, and was originally designed to support common virtual health aid scenarios. With increasing incidence of coronavirus around the world threatening to overwhelm healthcare systems, some health organizations in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East have started using this service as a tool to help screen patients for potential COVID-19 infection.

In most of these countries, the robot received thousands of inquiries, thus reducing the burden on the health care system and often giving more time to frontline workers to focus on patients in critical situations who most need medical care and accurate information about their condition.

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