The Ministry of Interior: We will strictly implement the “curfew” … and ad hoc committees to decide on objections – Saudi Arabia News


The security spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, Lt. Col. Talal Al-Shalhoub, confirmed that the security authorities start from 5:00 pm today (Friday) the implementation of the decision to prevent complete curfew throughout the day in all cities and regions of the Kingdom, until the end of Wednesday 4 Shawwal 1441, corresponding to May 27, 2020.

Lt. Col. Al-Shalhoub said during the joint press conference for the daily briefing to unveil the developments of the new Corona Virus (Covid-19) in the Kingdom, the need to continue to adhere to the curfew instructions and the procedures for social divergence, including preventing gatherings of five or more people, according to the regulation of limiting gatherings announced by the Ministry Interior in 14 Ramadan 1441 corresponding to May 7, 2020.

Al-Shalhoub said: We call upon all individuals and entities to strictly adhere to the approved instructions related to health safety requirements to prevent the outbreak of the new Corona virus and the rules of social separation, and to prevent gatherings in all their forms, forms and locations of occurrence, and the security men will follow the commitment in residential neighborhoods, resting sites and other public sites, as well as in villages Abandonment and centers to control any violation of the curfew decision, as well as a violation of the regulation on limiting gatherings, and taking regular measures against the perpetrators.

A spokesman of the Ministry of Interior stressed the continuation of permitting economic and commercial activities that are exempted from previous decisions in accordance with the instructions and requirements governing that previously announced, and among those activities are restaurants whose requests will be limited through its own fleet to external requests, as well as through applications for delivery.

Regarding receiving inquiries, he pointed out that work is continuing through the relevant numbers in cases of emergency number 999 in all regions, and 911 in the Makkah region, as well as to receive reports of curfews violations and violations of the list of restrictions on gatherings, adding that the services of the Ministry of Interior provided The citizen and the resident are available through the “Absher” electronic platform to take advantage of all the ministry’s services or the various security sectors that provide more than 200 services to more than 15 million beneficiaries.

On a question about the future precautionary measures that the Ministry of the Interior will take after the period of complete prevention that began this afternoon and continues until the end of the fourth day of the month of Shawwal, Lieutenant-Colonel Talal Al-Shalhoub replied that all precautionary measures are announced by the Ministry of Interior regarding the penalties applied to them. Violating the procedures, such as violating the regulation for limiting gatherings, as well as the decision to prevent curfews, and the procedures will also be announced by the relevant authorities for their application, not only by the Ministry of Interior, as each ministry has a concerned body with precautionary measures that it applies to its employees or to those who attend private establishments that Oversees it, and these procedures will be announced continuously through the media and official newspapers or through the social media accounts of the Ministry of Interior, as well as government agencies implementing these procedures.

Commenting on a query about canceling paper travel permits at the time of the curfew, and converting them to the electronic “Tawakalna” application, and the number of permits issued from the beginning of the crisis until now, the security spokesman for the Ministry of Interior said: The paper permits are valid and this has been announced, and they are only canceled with an official announcement, Like what was officially announced starting from the Riyadh region, then the Makkah region, and then the rest of the regions, it will continue until the announcement of its abolition.

He added: With regard to the number of permits, I do not expect that there is a need to know the numbers of permits, but permits are granted to the excluded groups that serve the country, whether health men, media men, or security forces, as well as the activities excluded to serve the citizen and the resident and provide logistical services in The vital sector for providing services.

Al-Shalhoub thanked the citizens and residents for the high commitment in implementing the curfew decision as well as the list of limiting gatherings, pointing to the observations that were monitored during the last few years in light of the efforts made by the security men, and as soon as any gatherings are monitored, the security authorities and the concerned authorities start to stand on these places and control Whoever violates the regulation of restricting gatherings or the decision to prevent movement within neighborhoods, villages and centers.

Lt. Col. Talal Al-Shalhoub mentioned what was announced two days ago that the Riyadh region is the highest recorded in violation of the curfew decision, stressing that violations are monitored at the level of all regions, and there is a difference between one region and another in the number of violations according to the considerations of the size of each region and the number of cities in it.

Lt. Col. Al-Shalhoub interacted with a question about: Are all the violations that are monitored are recorded against their perpetrators in the computer system, or is there a screening for the owners of emergency conditions, as a spokesman of the Ministry of Interior replied by saying: The violation is not final, as soon as it is recorded, there will be a full month of The date it was issued to object to it via the “Absher” platform, and ad hoc committees stand on these objections and circumstances, whether emergency or health conditions, for those who have a permit or for those who did not have a permit, there are committees dedicated to this purpose to resolve the objections of those who have been registered violations against them.

He pointed out that the “Mobility” platform of the Ministry of Interior represented by the Public Security, to request transportation permits between regions and cities, is available around the clock to apply for the necessary health cases as well as deaths, explaining that it is natural that there will be an increase in the number of applicants to request transportation permits from region to Other; The desire of some citizens to leave their private businesses after the end of the work of some of the excluded groups at the present time, but the criterion in this is extreme and necessary health conditions, as the request will be accepted if evidence of that is attached.

Commenting on the violation of the regulation on limiting gatherings, Al-Shalhoub stressed that the family gathering of five people or more is within a specific space and scope and they do not have a single residential relationship with a penalty of 10 thousand riyals, and in the non-family gathering the penalty is 15 thousand riyals for the establishment official, and the punishment for attendance is 5 thousand riyals, and what Concerning general assembly, the penalty is 30 thousand riyals for the owner of the facility or the official, and the penalty is 5 thousand riyals for everyone who attended, and in the event of a repeat of the violation, the penalty is doubled, and upon repetition a second time it is doubled again and the referral is made to the public prosecutor, stressing the commitment to abide by the curfew decision, And not to violate that, as well as limiting gatherings, and not gathering permanently even within the family, as the health authorities recommend social divergence.

He stressed that the security authorities will implement their usual daily tasks, in addition to applying the curfew decision, and applying the regulation for limiting gatherings in cities, villages, desertions and centers, and all violations will be monitored by security men during their daily work, and through what reaches from the unified communications center 911 in an area Makkah al-Mukarramah, or 999 in all regions of the Kingdom, as well as through the application of “We are all safe”, and the security authorities will lookout for any gathering that violates this regulation, as well as the decision to prevent curfews, and the decision to prevent complete curfew will be implemented with full force and rigor.

Lt. Col. Al-Shalhoub stressed more than once during the conference that only the excluded groups are allowed during the complete curfew, while the delivery applications approved by the Communications and Information Technology Commission are used by citizens and residents to fulfill the pharmacy or ration needs and serve them directly, as it is possible to exit only to the necessary health condition Maximum, and anyone with a maximum state of health can use the Public Security Platform of the Ministry of Interior, and through the application of “Help Me”, stressing that security men appreciate these cases when they stand up and provide assistance to them.


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