The medical protocol threatens to delay the return of the group training of the Italian league clubs


The collective training of the Italian league teams has become threatened with postponement after it was scheduled tomorrow, as it is expected that the clubs will continue to continue individual training, until a new formula for the health protocol that allows players to participate in group training was agreed, and it was assumed that the Italian league teams will begin collective training In groups, starting on Monday, May 18th, according to what the government decided, but the clubs object to the medical protocol, and according to the “Futbol Italy” network, that as expected, there is a state of confusion between the officials, and the Minister of Sports confirmed in his statements today that a For new procedures that clubs want to change with the medical protocol, they have not been approved by the Scientific Committee yet.

She indicated that the decision may not be approved until tomorrow, which means that the Italian League teams will continue individual training, in order to implement the idea of ​​social divergence and non-contact with others.

Most Serie A clubs have planned to avoid group exercises until a different medical protocol is agreed upon.

Clubs object to the health protocol approved by the Italian Ministry of Sports in agreement with the Italian Football Association last Wednesday, which stipulates that if one player or an employee of one of the clubs is infected with Corona virus, the team must enter the entire quarantine for 15 days.

The first-class clubs, their medical staff and the players ’union have drafted a different version of the protocol, which will be presented to the FIFA in tomorrow, then to the government, so it is almost certain to postpone the group training.

Clubs want to follow the German, Spanish and English model, which provides for isolation of an individual only if his test is positive for Corona virus, with the rest of the group subjected to double tests.

With no agreement on the training yet, it appears unlikely that the Serie A competition will be resumed from June 13.


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