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Although the Queen Elizabeth II And Kate Middleton, Duchess of CambridgeMegan MarkleThey differ in their choice of clothes that appear in them on various occasions, but they agreed to choose some colors, whether when wearing dresses or coats and other clothes, while adhering to the British royal traditions, to which a report published on the site “bustle” referred to.

the colour blue
Kate and Megan chose to appear in a blue dress in 2018, as Kate wore a dress with sleeves while Megan chose a sleeveless dress, while the queen lengthened a blue coat and hat when attending the Iraq and Afghanistan memorial in March 2017.

the yellow color
The Queen wore the coat and the yellow hat when attending an occasion in 2016, while Meghan appeared in the same color in a sleeveless dress in the summer of 2018, and in the same year Kate appeared in the same color dress, but with half sleeves.

Sequin dress
Kate chose a decorated dress from Jenny Packham, when attending an event at the British Embassy in Paris in March 2017, while Megan in 2019 wore a decorated dress when attending the premiere of Totem Cirque du Soleil, to support a charity, and the queen wore a dress with Terter when attending a banquet in Bergen, Norway in 1969.

The white coat
Kate wore a stylish white coat for the third time in 2017, during her visit to Belgium, while Megan wore a coat of the same color with a hat in 2018, and more than 50 years earlier the queen wore a white coat when she arrived at Khartoum airport in 1965.

Red color
Kate wore a red dress designed by Thornton Brigazi during her royal tour of Canada in 2016, while Megan wore a dress in the same color the same year, and the queen wore a red dress and coat during a church visit in 1989.

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