The Lebanese light was luxurious to the Egyptians as if it were Egyptian, as are the Lebanese!


Episode (28) of the series of selection for Amir Karara yesterday achieved a tremendous interaction through (Social Media), because it presented the moment of the martyrdom of the hero Egyptian hero Ahmed Mansi, who plays the role of Karara.

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All the stars in Egypt interacted with the dramatic event, which depicted painful real scenes that took place in Egypt months ago, after the criminal terrorists killed Mansi as dozens of other heroes from the Egyptian military.

Nour has been staying with the Egyptians for 20 years and considers herself a daughter. She loves the Egyptian army as well as all the Lebanese, and brags about the sacrifices he made to preserve his land and people.

She wrote: (I watched the series of choice, and I was very proud to watch the episode 28 of the epic epic)
The heroes are states who defended the earth with steadfastness and courage, to make you stand up to them and stand up to them in respect of their souls.
May God have mercy on our martyrs).

Noor Sharing Muhammad Ramadan starring (Prince) series, which gets the highest viewership during the Ramadan season.


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