The Lebanese government: Food security is a national issue … We must stand firm!


The Lebanese cabinet allocates a session to address the issue of high prices, and takes measures to prevent merchants from controlling prices, and the Minister of Education announces the cancellation of official exams for the middle school stage.

  • Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab called for a quick plan to control price chaos

Today, Thursday, the Lebanese Council of Ministers held a session devoted to following up the living situation and rising prices, in which it stressed that “food security is a national issue, and firmness must be taken to suppress any attempt to tamper with the livelihood of the Lebanese.”

Prime Minister Hassan Diab said, during the regular session, that the country “is facing a real confrontation with a wave of high prices, and we should not remain idle as if we are not concerned. It is unacceptable that we do not act quickly, because things will get out of control more, and pricing has become moody and ill-considered nor The relationship of prices to the high dollar exchange rate. “

Diab called for a rapid plan to control price chaos, adding that “it is necessary to prevent some traders from controlling food prices.”

The Prime Minister stressed that “the whole government is concerned with following up on this issue, and not only the Ministry of Economy, even the supervisory agencies, security agencies and municipalities should be partners in facing the epidemic of high prices.”

The Minister of Economy informed the Council of Ministers of a decision to set a maximum profit margin for basic commodities, as well as to verify the application of the same standards in stores.

The Council of Ministers stressed the need for the internal security forces to accompany the economic monitors to control price chaos, in addition to strengthening the monitors with delegates from the municipalities.

AndI learned Fields Before the session, the government “will take drastic measures to confront the high prices, in light of the huge rise in commodity prices, particularly food and necessary food.”

On the other hand, the Lebanese Minister of Education and Higher Education, Tariq Majzoub, announced today, Thursday evening, “the cancellation of my Al-Previya academic certificates and technical certificates below the level of the technical baccalaureate diploma,” to clarify the details of this procedure tomorrow, Friday.


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