The latest trend … cars that protect their passengers from infection with the Corona virus


Source: Arabic.Net – Jamal Nazi

Some Chinese auto manufacturers have begun to promote additional equipment and features in new product designs that claim to limit transmission of any bacteria or viruses, including the emerging corona virus, according to the British Daily Mail.

A car maker in China launched a $ 52 million initiative, called “The Healthy Car Project,” which promises many new features aimed at protecting passengers from infection with viruses and bacteria.

Healthy car

The cars produced under this new logo will be equipped with a special air purification system, called the Intelligent Air Purification System (G-Clean IAPS), which the Chinese company claims will provide the same degree of protection from particles in the air as medical face masks.

The promises include the introduction of “new environmentally sustainable materials with antibacterial and antiviral properties that can be used within air conditioner systems and on frequently touched surfaces such as buttons and knobs”.

Antivirus knobs and buttons

The changes that the initiative seeks to implement are not limited to just air filters, knobs and buttons, but extend to the delivery of car keys to buyers by Drone, in what is a means of delivery without contact or direct dealing with any employee of the producing company.

The competition among automakers has expanded to promote products with designs inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic, to include offering options to add UV lights to car air-conditioning vents, which companies claim are one way to sterilize air in the passenger compartment.

Opposition criticism and opinions

Some analysts have criticized the measures as a gimmick based on unproven technology in an atmosphere of growing concern about pathogens and respiratory diseases.

“Companies are trying to take advantage of Covid-19’s concerns to sell products and services to consumers and even increase sales ratios,” Sean Ren said from the BBC’s China Market Research Group.

“I am not a doctor or a scientist, but I warn consumers that they should be cautious about any company that claims its products reduce virus infection, especially Corona virus,” Rehn added.

But according to Vivek Vaidia, industry expert and analyst at Frost and Sullivan, the phenomenon is likely to spread and other auto manufacturers around the world are adding similar options to their customers.

“We have already started developing such features and options in the automotive industry, but gained momentum with the emergence of the Corona Virus pandemic,” she added, noting that these designs will not be limited to China but will turn into a global trend.


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