The Korean leader is “sick” and a possible power struggle … intelligence revelations


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At a time when there is speculation about the health North Korea leader, The Taiwan intelligence chief revealed new information about Kim Jong Un.

The director of the National Security Bureau (NSB) in Taiwan, Qiu Kucheng, said the North Korean leader is “ill” and that Pyongyang had contingency plans for a possible power struggle if he died, according to a report published by “Taiwan News”.

Qiu also gave a vague description of Kim’s health when pressured at a government hearing about rumors of the latter’s possible death, according to the report, which he said laughed and refused to respond when asked if that meant the North Korean leader was already alive.

He told lawmakers, “My answer is from the available intelligence and not an opinion,” according to the newspaper.

The report pointed out that the head of Taiwan’s intelligence refused to explain, pointing to the need to protect North Korean intelligence sources, assuring lawmakers that the emergency plans in Pyongyang were ready for a potential power struggle in the region if Kim died.

The newspaper quoted Taiwan’s deputy director of intelligence, Hu Mu Yuan, as saying later that his country’s intelligence “is unable to obtain confirmation about Kim Yong Un’s health”, adding that “what we know is that Kim is still in charge and controlling the North Korean army and government.” “.


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