The kids and Corona … are not immune from the epidemic anymore?


About ten children aged ten and below are infected with Corona virus in Lebanon, according to Ministry of Public Health figures that indicate that 1.39% of cases belong to this age group, while the proportion of those between the ages of ten and nineteen years is 7.79%, which is estimated About 57 people were injured.

These ratios, which are considered small compared to the total number of casualties, are consistent with the global “observation” that accompanied the spread of the epidemic in terms of “marginalizing” children and considering them the strongest link in the benefit of Coved 19, as they are the least vulnerable to infection.

However, disturbing data are beginning to appear in Britain some days ago, indicating that there is a suspected relationship between the Coruna virus and the “Kawasaki” disease (vasculitis, which was discovered in 1967 in Japan, and Asians are more likely to be infected), while a number of doctors are currently searching The Italians and the British have a link between the Coruna virus and a group of acute inflammatory diseases currently affecting children with symptoms of severe fever and swelling in the arteries. This is based on the fact that the results of laboratory tests for many children who were diagnosed with Kawasaki disease showed that they were infected with Corona virus. In isolation from the findings that research dealing with the causal relationship between the Corona virus and any other inflammatory disease that affects children may lead to, an important discussion led by these data is related to a review of the level of “safety” that children had in the Corona epidemic and hypotheses regarding that the incidence of infections is minimal For children, it may be caused by a “bad diagnosis”.

Because of the exclusion of children infected with Covid 19 (relative to the small number of infected people), many doctors do not resort to requesting PCR examinations to detect corona for children and “especially since the symptoms that appear in children are similar to the extent of the matching of any respiratory virus that affects them, so this is done Diagnosing a lot of cases with other viruses, ”says pediatrician Hisham Dabbagh, adding:“ Sometimes the tests that are done for other types of viruses that come positive may be the owner of the virus also. ”

This statement is consistent with what the pediatrician and the intensive care neonates say in the Rafic Hariri Governmental Hospital, Nawfal Ismail Nawfal told Al-Akhbar, in the sense that many children can be infected with the Coronavirus and the tests are not carried out because “many cases have mild symptoms” Indicating that doctors tend to be diagnosed with other types of viruses that have similar symptoms.

To date, no infant in the Rafic Hariri Governmental Hospital has been diagnosed with Corona “but suspicions and suspicions of cases have occurred several times and it is very likely,” Nofal said, while Dabbagh believes that it cannot be said today that children and infants are safe from the virus.

While the risk of developing children with corona is less than that of adults, the elderly and the owners of chronic diseases in terms of the severity of pneumonia and other repercussions of Covid disease 19, it is necessary to be alert to their infection in terms of the possibility of causing infection to their relatives on the one hand, and the possibility of its association with other diseases according to what current research presupposes on the one hand Other.

The talk about children’s injuries and the importance of being alert to them and protecting them from the epidemic comes while anticipation continues to prevail in the Koronic scene in Lebanon. Despite the positive numbers that are still being recorded, “we expect a second wave of epidemic that is more prevalent than the first,” in the words of Prime Minister Hassan Diab, warning against hastening to lift precautionary measures to confront the Corona virus, adding: “We are still in the middle of the pandemic.” Diab’s speech complements what was previously mentioned by Minister of Public Health Hamad Hassan and WHO Representative in Lebanon Iman Al-Shanqeeti regarding warning of a second wave.

Returning to the Corona counter, the Ministry of Public Health announced yesterday afternoon that no new injuries were recorded among residents (among 1,367 examinations), while four injuries were recorded among arrivals (out of 686 checks), three of which belonged to expatriates who came aboard the first batch From the trips of the second round of the Lebanese “evacuation” phase, which arrived last Tuesday.

And in the evening, the Rafic Hariri International Hospital announced that two of the 178 laboratory examinations were recorded, bringing yesterday 6 new cases, bringing the meter to 727 cases. According to the statement issued by the Ministry of Public Health, the injuries of the three new arrivals were distributed as follows: One from Congo, one from Paris, and one from Liberia. As for those who arrived from Larnaca, Dammam and Lagos, no injuries were recorded among them.

The statement indicated that “other passengers who were aboard the Paris trip will be re-examined to ensure that they are injured or not,” noting that the injured cases will be transferred to the hospital with an emphasis on the application of home quarantine to negative cases “knowing that they will be followed daily by the ministry and will be referred Whoever shows any symptoms to the hospital for re-examination, ».

In addition, yesterday, the second batch of expatriates arrived via six planes, landing at Rafic Hariri International Airport and carrying 513 passengers who came from Doha (121 people), Baghdad (77 people), Muscat (76 people), London (120 people) Port Harcourt – Nigeria (119 people).


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