The Guardian: Saudi Arabia is adopting NEOM on the blood of the Hawitat tribe


The World – Saudi Arabia

The newspaper criticized the liquidation of the Saudi security forces last month, for “Abdel Rahim Al Hwaiti”, a member of the same tribe, after he refused to hand over his house to the authorities in the framework of a plan to displace the population in order to establish a “NEOM” project on the Red Sea in northwestern Saudi Arabia, a project announced by “Ben Salman “in Vision 2030.

This was stated in a report for the newspaper, “It was built on our blood: the real price of the giant Saudi city, which costs 500 billion dollars.”

The newspaper pointed out that the city is the project of the Crown Prince “Mohammed bin Salman”, and will be built on an area equivalent to the size of Belgium on the northern end of the Red Sea shore.

She added that the idea carried strange promises with it, because the project might include a satellite, beaches shining in the dark and an amusement park where the mobile lizards live.

According to the newspaper, promotional material about the city confirmed that it will be built on a “virgin” land that is empty of the population, ready for conquest by the technology of the future. However, part of the city’s project land belongs to the Al-Huwaytat tribe that was distributed in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the semi-desert of Sinai.

According to the newspaper, about 200,000 members of the tribe are now facing expulsion from their lands and without details of where they will be transferred and live in the future.

The Guardian quoted the activist and daughter of the tribe that lives in London, “Alia Abu Tayeh Al-Huwaiti” as saying: “As for the Al-Huwait tribe, Nayoum is built on our blood and bones, it is definitely not for the people who live here, it is for tourists and those who have money, but not For the indigenous people who live here. ”

For some Saudis, including the sons of al-Huwaitat, Fennom, whose parallel legal system is directly related to the king, represents an elitist version of Saudi society, and was designed to exclude them.

Visitors to the city can, according to the Guardian, “drink alcohol and enjoy the best meals in this future city, which includes a network of information collection, including facial recognition technology.”

Last month, the State Security Service in Saudi Arabia approved, last week, the liquidation of “Abdul Rahim Al-Hwaiti”, a member of the Al-Huwaytat tribe, after he refused to hand over his home to the authorities in the framework of a plan to displace the population in order to establish the “NEOM” project.

Before his killing, Al-Hwaiti was able to document the presence of the Saudi security forces around his house, saying that any citizen who does not surrender his home to them is brought by the FBI to dispose of him by force.

After the incident, the activist “Abbotaye” revealed that some of the tribe’s members were arrested and threatened with death because of their refusal to liquidate the authorities to “Abdul Rahim Al-Hwaiti”.


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