“The giant moon” decorates the skies of Saudi Arabia


Source: Arabic.Net – Hamed Al-Qurashi

In a periodic astronomical case, “giant moon” scenes were performed in a number of regions of Saudi Arabia on the night of 15 of Ramadan, especially in the locations where the sky cleared of clouds and dust, as the lens of photographer Youssef Bashk monitored the brightness of the giant moon in the sky of Makkah in beautiful scenes, popular between Social media platforms.

The giant moon
The giant moon

The Saudi Space Authority said through its account on the social networking site in “Twitter”: The world is witnessing the brightness of the giant moon tonight, as the moon will be at the closest point to the earth during the year 2020 AD, as it appears 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual.

For his part, the Saudi astronomer, an inspirational Indian member of the Arab Federation for Astronomy and Space, told Al-Arabiya Net that Badr Ramadan appeared on Thursday evening surrounded by a halo around him, and this aura is called the halo of the moon, an air phenomenon due to the saturation of the upper atmosphere with water vapor and ice crystals scattering light the moon”.

He states that the reason for this phenomenon is that “the moon’s orbit around the Earth is not completely circular, but rather somewhat oval. During its rotation around the Earth it changes beyond the Earth. When the closest thing to the Earth is, we say that the moon is in the perigee and then its apparent size is greater than the average. A little bit, and when it is farthest from Earth, we say that the moon is at its height.

Also called this phenomenon the term “super moon” or “giant” Zhou “is a term that has no astronomical origin, but rather a term that astronomers recently launched, and it became common among them.

The giant moon
The giant moon


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