The general index of the Saudi stock market rose for the second consecutive session


The general index of the Saudi stock market “Tasi”, by the close of the trading session today, Tuesday, mid-week sessions, rose for the second consecutive session, by 1.74%, to gain 114.54 points, to close at the level of 6710.51 points, and the parallel market index increased-by 5.66%, to gain 380.46 points. To close at 7106.81 points.

The volume of trading on the Saudi Stock Exchange at the close of trading, 228.5 million shares, worth 4.4 billion riyals, and 173 shares rose, while 15 shares fell.

19 sectors in the Saudi market, led by the health care sector, increased by 5.23%, followed by the applications and technical services sector by 3.75%, followed by the energy sector by 2.62%, then the pharmaceutical sector by 2.40%, then the basic materials sector by 2.36%, then the insurance sector by 2.14 Then, the capital goods sector increased by 1.94%, then the telecommunications and long-term goods sectors accounted for 1.72%, then the food retail sector increased by 1.69%, then the investment and financing sector by 1.64%, then the banking sector by 1.51%, then the transportation sector by 1.40%, While the media and entertainment sector decreased by 1.67%, then the luxury goods retail sector decreased by 0.09%.

The share of “Suleiman Al Habib” came at the top of the green list with a growth of 9.98%, then “Allianz SF” by 9.44%, then “Arab Shield” by 6.70%, while “Halwani Brothers” came on top of the red list with a decrease 3.84%, then “Research and Marketing” by 1.82%, then “Budget Saudi” by 1.73%.

In another context, Al-Abdullatif Industrial Investment Company announced that it is committed to implementing what was stipulated in the recent decisions issued by the concerned authorities regarding the precautionary measures taken to confront the Corona virus, indicating the possibility of the revenues of the company’s sectors and its subsidiaries being affected due to the reduction in the number of employees of the company as directed by the relevant authorities.

She added that in light of the company’s lack of knowledge of the duration of the work with these precautionary measures, it is difficult to determine the size of this financial impact at the present time resulting from the decisions issued by the concerned authorities, and the company is currently working on assessing the extent of the material impact on the financial statements currently unknown in the manufacturing and operational processes, and that For the acceleration of the procedures and measures taken and the absence of details regarding the duration of the ban, the company will follow up on developments and announce any developments in this regard.

The company announced the formation of a crisis management committee to follow all the directives of our rational government on the topic of the new Corona Virus (COVID-19) and follow up the implementation of all guidelines and directives from the competent authorities and follow up on developments in this regard and work to find solutions to mitigate this impact as much as possible, and on the other hand is committed to The company has all updated government guidelines related to public health and safety practices.


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