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Many are looking for the frequency of the new LANA TV satellite channel 2020 on Nilesat, after searches started by Arabs in general and the Syrians in particular about the frequency of the new Syrian satellite channel LANA TV 2020 on the Nilesat satellite?

The frequency of the Syrian channel, Lina, was distinguished by the many searches on it on the Google search engine, especially after achieving great success at the level of Syrian Arab drama and series because of its provision of distinctive and targeted content and various programs.

The Syrian channel Lana TV 2020

The Syrian Lana TV 2020 channel, through its new frequency, was able to achieve great success and a high viewership, given that the channel uses good technology and offers many wonderful Syrian series throughout the day without interruption or confusion,

The Syrian Lana TV 2020 channel has followers from everywhere in the world, whether at the level of adults or children, fans of old series and modern series.

The programs of the Syrian channel Lana LANA TV 2020

The Syrian Lana channel broadcasts its programs for free and unencrypted throughout the 24 hours via its frequency on Nilesat, and the Syrian Lana Channel shows many beautiful series, including: (Syrian Lana channel programs, my stories, what is mentioned, the program from Al-Babouj to Tarbush, and the opinion program Year, and the program needed to tell).

The frequency of the new Syrian LANA TV 2020 channel

Everyone can follow the Syrian Lana channel to watch all the programs and series that are broadcast on this channel, without coding the broadcast during the follow-up, and the Syrian Lana channel is characterized as working 24 hours, as it recorded a high percentage, because it shows many series that are followed by a large percentage of viewers And also interested in some varied programs, as well as targeted programs, and through this table we show the frequency of our new channel.

The Syrian channel Lana TV frequencies on Nilesat

Channel name

The satellite


Coding rate


Us channel lana plus

Nile Sat




Frequency for us lana tv

Nile Sat




Frequency lana tv hd

Nile Sat




Channel name, satellite, frequency, coding rate, polarization

Channel frequency of us plus lana plus Nilesat 12226 27500 horizontal H

The frequency of the Syrian Lana TV channel Lana TV Nilesat 12360 27500 vertical V

The frequency of the lana tv hd nilesat 11373 27500 horizontal h


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