The frequency of the new toyor aljanah bird channel on Nilesat and Arab Sat by the May 2020 update


After the broadcast has stopped Birds of Paradise channel Recently, searches have increased a lot from the new frequency, and it was a temporary pause Birds of Paradise channel Because of the maintenance work carried out by the channel administration, so that the channel is merged with the Baby Birds channel, to show all the cartoon works, films and songs that the channel is famous for.

Paradise Birds Channel

considered as Paradise Birds Channel One of the most famous children’s channels ever because of its broadcast targeted educational content for children, which many parents throughout the Arab world seek to watch their children for such programs.

Birds of Paradise channel features

The Birds of Paradise channel is one of the distinct channels that offer meaningful content for children, as it displays many beautiful songs and songs, as well as cartoon series, and it is always keen to provide educational programs for children so that all Islamic principles and values ​​that educate children on good morals are instilled in their dealings with others in School, home and street.

Birds of Paradise channel programs

The talent discovery program is performed on the Birds of Paradise channel, your voice is a treasure, and it is considered one of the famous programs that achieved great success in the channel. The channel also displays the small Set Al-Bayt program, the name and meaning program, and the news program of the house, all of which are targeted educational programs. Like Mama, Baby Genti, the moon of our Master the Prophet, and many others wandered many songs that children loved.

The frequency of the toyor aljanah channel of birds in may 2020

The new broadcast is taking place Birds of Paradise channel update 2020 On both Nilesat and Arabsat satellites on the following frequencies:

the moonHesitationCoding ratepolarizationcorrecting the mistake
Nile Sat1131527500vertical3/4
Nile Sat1139327500vertical3/4
Arab Sat1125827500Horizontal3/4
Arab Sat1178527500vertical3/4


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