The frequency of the new channel birds of Paradise 2020 hd toyor aljanah on all satellites


It is considered a channel frequency heavens’ Birds It is the most important frequency that millions of people are searching for on the Internet, especially since the channel broadcast stopped on Nilesat very suddenly for fans and followers of the channel, which is unparalleled in the world of channels intended for children, and also thanks to its wonderful content, which is unparalleled among other children’s channels, it was able to establish itself Large among these channels as the search volume for its frequency is considered the most, it is worth noting that the Birds of Paradise channel at its official account stated that the sudden discontinuation of the channel was due to maintenance work and that the fans will be on a new date with the wonderful channel after the end of the maintenance period.

The frequency of the Birds of Paradise channel

The Birds of Paradise channel is considered, since its inception, the best channel in the world of children, despite the presence of other channels that could have been the best, such as MBC, was established in 2008, and four years after the launch of the first channel, the channel management decided to launch a second channel in order to meet the needs of the child from Cartoon series, Birds Channel has pages on Twitter and Facebook and has millions of fans and followers on these pages, and it also has a YouTube channel that has ten million subscribers and is the first Arab channel to get this large number of followers, the channel displays on its screen songs and popular cartoon series In addition to the beautiful and fun programs that it offers for children.

The frequency of the birds of Paradise 2020

the moonHesitationCoding ratepolarizationcorrecting the mistake
Nile Sat1139327500vertical3/4
Arab Sat1131027500vertical3/4
Nile Sat1131527500vertical3/4

Birds of Paradise channel features

Since its inception twelve years ago, the Birds of Paradise channel was distinguished by its attractive content and never tired of following it, as many mothers and fathers of families have become loved the channel and do not want their children to watch others, because they do not display the scenes scratching of modesty that may lead to child delinquency, but rather Always strive to introduce children to high values ​​and morals and to ensure that they adhere to the teachings of the true religion, such as inciting prayer and dealing with others in good manners.

The Birds of Paradise channel and its Baby Birds channel offer the most beautiful songs for children, and as a result the importance of the singers, as the Birds of Paradise group has become one of the best singers teams in the Arab world and has held dozens of concerts in various Arab countries and they have songs for each country separately, and among the most prominent countries In which they set up chants in the country of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, the country of the original channel and Syria, with this we submitted the frequency of the Birds of Paradise channel for inquiries, commented.

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