The Football Association reveals the fate of the complaint of Ghazl al-Mahalla against Osama Nabih in the crisis of the miss


Football Association officials revealed that the Mahalla Spinning Club, until now, has not yet lodged a formal complaint against Osama Nabih, the former Zamalek player and coach of the Egyptian national team, about the recent statements he made on On Time Sport, in which he said that he refused to register in Zamalek’s net when he was A player in the ranks of Ghazl El-Mahalla, the 2001-2002 season, specifically in the two teams’ match in the Egyptian Cup final.

Officials said Football AssociationIn the event that an official complaint is received by El-Mahalla spinning, after 19 years have passed since the match, according to FIFA regulations, it should not be considered because it exceeded the legal deadline for submitting this type of complaint and estimated two years from the date of the match.

Al-Jabaliyya officials added that what is reported about withdrawing the title from Zamalek is not possible at all, because the white team is not a party to the crisis and no accusation has been brought against him of spinning the locality by inciting his prophet to fail, for example, so there are no penalties for the white club.

The Jabaliya officials emphasized that in the event of an official complaint arriving, it will be discussed, and it may be transferred to the Trustee Committee, provided that a penalty is issued against Osama Nabih due to these statements..

The board of directors of Al-Mahalla Spinning Club will hold an important meeting today, Monday, before filing a formal complaint against Osama Nabih, player of Zamalek and former coach of the team, against the background of the crisis that erupted between them during the past days, after Osama Nabih announced that he refused to register in Al-Abyad when he was loaned to his ranks to spin Al-Mahalla.

And officials review Mahalla yarn In today’s meeting, the final version of the complaint is before submitting it to the Football Association, which will witness the request to return all the sums that Osama Nabih received during the period he played to spin the locality, and a large financial compensation will be required, and the officials of spinning the locality, besides sending the complaint to the Football Association, want to prosecute Osama Nabih Judicially, which is the matter that the club’s administration is discussing with its feasibility with the club’s legal department.

For his part, Osama Nabih emphasized that the matter was just a joke, saying, “I apologize if I misread the estimate, and I repeat my apologies for the entire Mahalla spinning system that I had the pleasure of playing with.And Osama Nabih added that there are many caresses that take place on the field, stressing that Zamalek is not a party from near or far in the crisis.

On the other hand, Al-Mahalla Spinning Club officials issued an official statement announcing the complaint of Osama Nabih, the former Al-Mahalla player, after he announced his refusal to score goals against his former team Zamalek during the match they had met in the Egypt Cup.

Osama Nabih said in statements with the media Saif Zaher through the On Time Sport channel, “I played against Zamalek with the spinning of Mahalla in the semi-finals of the cup, and I had opportunities to score in the box, but my heart did not volunteer to score in the net, and I had an opportunity to score in the Zamalek goal I told Ibrahim Hassan at the time to keep her away so that I don’t go into the white team’s net“.

The text of the statement issued by the El-Mahalla Spinning Club came as follows: “Given what was invited by Osama Nabieh from TV statements on On Time Sport with the journalist / Saif Zahir, he talked about deliberately wasting opportunities and not achieving goals during the semi-final match of the Egypt Cup competition Between the two teams of the Spinning Club of Mahalla and the club of Zamalek, during the period of presence in the club our party.


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