The first picture of the sermon of Saudi artist Ilham Ali


The star of Saudi social media, Ryan Geller, revealed the identity of the fiancé of his fellow artist, Ilham Ali, while trying hard to hide the identity of her fiancé.

After her engagement, Gilar wanted the artist, Ilham Ali, to publish her photo alongside Al-Khatib via his account on “Snapchat”, who revealed his identity, which is the Saudi artist Khaled Saqr.

It is not known whether Ryan Geller had intentionally revealed the identity of the artist’s fiancée or whether he had done it unintentionally, or whether he had revealed it at the direct instruction of the artist Ilham Ali.

Saudi actress has not commented on Ryan Geller’s behavior yet.

Ilham Ali, through a radio interview with the journalist Ali Aliani, revealed for the first time information about her fiancé, a month after she announced her sudden engagement to the public.

She explained that her fiancé is from the artistic community and works as an actor, as she confirmed that he lives in Riyadh and his name is “Khaled”, refusing to reveal his double name at the time.

The Saudi artist indicated that she does not want to publish the details of her engagement and the identity of her fiancé because she does not want the audience to interfere in her private life, because this matter causes her concern.


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