The Fatwa series, episode 25 .. Teacher Azmy refuses to hold a funeral and consolation for Yasser Jalal


During the events of episode 25 of the series “Al-Fatwa”, the teacher “Azmi” Ahmed Salah Hosni refuses to hold a funeral or consolation for Hassan Al-Jabali “Yasser Jalal”, and he stands in Al-Gamalia neighborhood and announces this to everyone, describing him as a thief and he was stealing their money from them and that he was the masked who was stealing.

The virtue of “Mahmoud Hafez” confirms to his wife, “Zeinab”, sister of Hassan Al-Jabali that his body does not exist, and the teacher Azmi goes to Hassan Al-Jabali’s house and asks Mai Omar to return to her father’s house, but she refuses, and she asks “Azmi” who killed Hassan Al-Jabali, and asks her to enjoy Saloush With her brother.

The teacher, the master of frankincense, sits with a sheikh and asks him about the curse idea in the treasure of gold, and the sheikh answers that gold must be announced even if the owner of the gold appears to take it and after a year has passed it is his right, and he asks the sheikh to read on gold.

Anam Salousa
Anam Salousa

She had Episode 25 of the series “The Fatwa” by Yasser Jalal started with my intention after the attempt to kill Hassan Al-Jabali standing in the neighborhood, saying: “The Fatuna returned to her home.” A happy uncle goes to the family of Hassan Al-Jabali and informs them of his death and May Omar “Lil” and his mother Inaam Sallusah, his daughter and sister go, and he goes The teacher Azmi to Jamila and assures her that he had become an aesthetic bully after the killing of Hassan al-Jabali and decided to return to his father’s house.

Episode 25
Episode 25

Riyad al-Khouli goes “Syed al-Labban” and informs Sheikh Mabrouk, “Ahmed Khaled Saleh,” about the killing of Hassan al-Jabali, and that he will seize the gold and give him from him and return to him “Lail”.

The series “Al-Fatwa”, written by Hani Sarhan, directed by Hussein Al-Manbawi, and produced by Synergy Company. It is presented daily to Al-Hayat channel and co-starred with a constellation of stars: Mai Omar, Ahmed Salah Hosni, Ahmed Khalil, Riyadh Al-Khouli, Anam Salousa and graphic music. Shadi Moones .


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