The eye does not have a guard during the time of Corona..transfering the virus spray


Dr. Islam Annan, professor of health economics and epidemiology, said that the increasing number of coronavirus cases (corona) caused a state of panic among citizens, and this was considered a natural escalation, especially with Egypt heading towards the height of infection.

The eye transmits corona infection

Dr. Islam Annan said via a phone call through the program “Now” broadcast on the satellite EXTRA NEWS, “The staff strength should not return 100%, but rather from 30 to 50% of the absorptive capacity of workplaces, warning of prescription” drugs ” Corona virus treatment circulated on social media, as it may be the cause of harm to anyone, in addition to that it caused a lack of medicines.

Wearing the muzzle and freshness

He stressed the importance of wearing a muzzle and glasses when going out, especially in public transportation, noting that the eye can transmit a spray loaded with infection, adding that every citizen should make sure to wash his hands every hour for 30 seconds.

He stressed the importance of any person with corona registering himself in the Ministry of Health system, even in the case of domestic isolation, so that if his condition worsened from treatment in an isolation hospital, noting that the Ministry of Health will launch an application soon that allows patients to register their temperature daily to follow up.


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