The European Union recognizes the errors of Barcelona’s “Rimontada” ruling against St. Germain


The European Football Association (# UEFA) admitted that the German referee Deniz Aitken failed to “fulfill his duties” while leading the historical match between # Barcelona and # Paris_San_German, in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 in 2017.

Barcelona achieved “Rimontada”, after he made up for his 0-4 loss in Paris to a 6-1 victory at Camp Nou, leading him to the quarter-finals.The newspaper website mentioned “Daily MailThe British said that UEFA admitted that Aitken “failed to perform his duties” during that confrontation, adding that the referee had committed several errors, most notably the calculation of a penalty for Barcelona striker Luis Suarez, from which the fifth goal came and gave a strong boost to the Catalan team.

German rule is expected to face sanctions in the coming period.


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