The Egyptian Minister of Health reveals the map of the distribution of corona injuries in the country


Source: Cairo – Reem El-Shishtawy

Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, held today, Sunday, a meeting of the medical group; To discuss a number of files on procedures to deal with tackling the spread of the Coronavirus.

The Prime Minister directed the activation of the existing crisis committee in each governorate, and in this regard, he stressed that there should be daily passage by officials of various agencies, including regulatory agencies, over hospitals; This is to ensure the availability of medical supplies, as well as the presence of medical staff, and provide good service to citizens in the governorates.

The Prime Minister stressed the need for all medical supplies to be available in hospitals, noting that this task is entrusted to the Consolidated Procurement Authority, in coordination with the Ministry of Health and Population, calling for ensuring that these supplies are dispensed to all medical teams, and that they are not satisfied with their presence in the stores only.

Egyptian Prime Minister

The Prime Minister also indicated to provide distinguished service to citizens through hotlines that were allocated to answer all their inquiries in this regard, whether through the hotline 105, or others in coordination with the unified government complaints system, while providing the required treatment for citizens who will be isolated from home, from The facilitating mechanism that the Ministry of Health began to implement, and Dr. Mostafa Madbouly stressed the importance of activating the maximum capacity for university hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education, in coordination with the medical teams in the Ministry of Health; To counteract this virus.

Mustafa Madbouly also instructed the ministers concerned with setting regulations for private hospitals that began to participate in treating citizens of the Corona virus, so that there is a specific ceiling for the cost of treatment, especially since the recent period witnessed an exaggerated rise in the cost of treatment and isolation in a number of these hospitals.

The Minister of Health and Population reviewed a report on infection rates in the governorates of the Republic, where she indicated that there are six governorates that have witnessed the highest rate of infection with the virus, namely: Cairo, Giza, Qalyubia, Menoufia, Fayoum, Alexandria, and Beheira, until May 30 with a total of 15,415 cases.

The Minister of Health also dealt with efforts to prepare treatment doses and distribute them to cases of home isolation by means of medical convoys, explaining in this regard that about 65 mobile clinics and a family planning clinic have been run in the Cairo Directorate; To distribute these doses and deliver them to these cases, noting that medicines were also distributed to those in contact at the most point on the Libyan border in the village of “Bahy El Din” of the Siwa Oasis.

The Minister of Health and Population said that the number of basic care units, responsible for distributing treatment and following-up with contacts and positive cases in home isolation, amounted to 5013 units at the level of the Republic, explaining at the same time that the number of hospitals that were allocated to deal with cases of the Corona virus, along with isolation hospitals, reached even Now to 340 hospitals, explaining that 36 more hospitals are being prepared and added to the hospitals currently operating, bringing the total number of hospitals dealing with “Corona” cases to 376 hospitals.

The Minister of Health touched on the periodical update of the protocol for treating HIV-infected cases, noting efforts related to providing drug doses, as the Ministry provided half a million doses for any critical cases in hospitals, in addition to providing 8 million doses for those who have contact with HIV-infected cases, and two million other doses of cases Affected and subject to domestic isolation, which will be connected to these cases through medical convoys and mobile clinics.

For his part, the Minister of Higher Education reviewed the total number of cases that received treatment in hospitals and university cities designated for isolation for patients infected with “Corona” virus until May 30, explaining that it had reached 5651 cases, including 4093 cases of similar recovery, 1509 active cases, and 49 deaths.

He added that the university hospitals received 1132 cases; To benefit from the services provided for health and therapeutic isolation, among them 529 cases were discharged from these hospitals, 490 stable cases, 61 cases in intensive care rooms, 12 placed on ventilators, and 49 deaths.

During the meeting, the Minister of Higher Education reviewed a statement of the total number of beds in hospitals and university cities devoted to providing health and therapeutic isolation services for cases of coronavirus infection, which amounted to 2991 beds, pointing out that university hospitals located in the Greater Cairo and Ismaili region are represented in the hospitals affiliated to Ain Shams University, which are : The specialized transit, the old reception, the field hospital, the chest and heart surgery academy, and the hospitals of Cairo University: Al-Aini French Palace, Al-Batinah Hospital, as well as the Al-Batinah Hospital at Banha University, as well as the Al-Azhar Specialist Hospital, Al-Zahra University University of Al-Azhar University, and the Specialized Surgeries Hospital University of the Suez Canal, and Badr University Hospital, Helwan University.

He added that while university hospitals that are preparing to enter the health and therapeutic isolation service outside of Greater Cairo and Ismailia are represented in Tanta International Hospital at Tanta University, Mansoura University Hospital, and the Heart and University Hospital of New Minya, and in this regard, Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar indicated that the total absorptive capacity of 26 A university town of 38,589 rooms, and 69070 beds.

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research reviewed the names of university cities designated as isolation hospitals, which include 3491 beds, which includes the university city of Alexandria University, and the youth city of Abu Qir under the supervision of medical staff from the University of Alexandria, and the university cities of the universities of Mansoura, Tanta, Helwan, Assiut and Kafr El Sheikh, And Beni Suef, Benha, University of South Valley – Qena, and University of Menoufia – Shebin al-Koum.


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