The director of the selection for Amir Karara advises the family of the martyrs not to watch this episode!


The Egyptian director Peter Mimi, the director of the series (Choice), of the Egyptian artist Amir Karara, appealed to the families of the martyrs of the police and the army in Egypt, not to watch episode 28 of the series, which will be shown tomorrow.

Peter wrote on his page: (Raja, who knows some of the relatives of the martyrs of the Perth accident, is convinced by Mitversh on the episode of Episode 28).

He continued: (I apologize in principle for the difficulty of the episode, I tried as much as possible to reduce the ugliness of what happened, but at the same time it was necessary for all people know that they are heroes and stood up and defended the land and the ambush and their colleagues for the last breath).

He concluded his speech: (A greeting to Manasseh, Manasseh’s man, and their families who endured their separation or injury).

The series stars Amir Karara, screenplay and dialogue by Bahir Dowidar and directed by Peter Mimi in their fourth collaboration in the drama after the trilogy (Kalbash), which they presented together and produced (Synergy), starring Amir Karara in the role of Mansi and Ahmed Al-Awadi in the character (the terrorist Asham Ashmawi), and the artist Dina Fouad and Islam Gamal with the emergence of many stars as guests of honor such as the families of Yassin, Mohamed Imam, Mohamed Ragab, Salah Abdullah and Iyad Nassar.


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