The death of Ibrahim Nasr, the owner of the most famous dumps program in Egypt


Source: Cairo – Ashraf Abdel Hamid

The absence of death, this morning, Tuesday, the great Egyptian artist Ibrahim Nasr, at the age of 70.

His body is to be funeral from the ancient Church of St. Marks in Azbakeya, and to bury him in the family burials in the Abbasiyya area.

Ibrahim Nasr
Ibrahim Nasr

His full name is Ibrahim Nasr Al-Nukhaili, relative to the Nakhila Center from Asyut Governorate, but he was born in the Shubra district of Cairo because his father came from Upper Egypt to work in Cairo as he was an architectural contractor, and his artistic inclinations appeared early as he headed his school teams in acting and his first major school work was a play in a school Othman bin Affan in Shubra district.

He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in 1972, and after his graduation, the poet and author Bakhit Bayoumi interceded him in order to play a dramatic role in the program presented by the late broadcaster Amani, called “Dear Viewer” and it was the moment of his artistic birth.

Zakaria Zakaria's personality
Zakaria Zakaria’s personality

He participated in several series and films that gained wide fame, and was famous for starring in the most famous program of dumps and was called “The Hidden Camera”, then he developed in the program and played the role of “Zakia Zakaria”.

Participated in the films “House Without Hanan” in 1976 and “Had Al Seef” in 1986, “One Woman Is Not Enough” in 1990, Hassan Al-Loul in 1997 and “X-Large” in 2011.


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