The death of Hama, Amr Diab, and a poignant obituary from Jana to her grandmother


This evening, Mrs. Raifa Al-Nouri, mother, was absent Zina Ashour The grandmother of the children of the Egyptian singer Amr Diab, and her granddaughters, Jana and Kanazi, were keen on obeying the deceased with influential messages, via Instagram.

Jana Amr Diab
Jana Amr Diab and her sister Kenzi have called their grandmother

Jana Amr Diab, she published an old video with her grandmother Raifa Al-Nouri, and commented on it saying: I love you Tita .. Thank you for giving me this amazing and loving family, thank you for giving me Mama, my aunts, my uncle and my cousins ​​… I love you all and love you Tita. I am very grateful to you, you Rest in peace and happiness. I love you Tita. “

As Kenzi Amr Diab wrote, through an Asturian property with her account on Instagram: We belong to God and to Him we shall return, O God, have mercy on my grandmother, Raifa Al-Nuri, and I live in his spacious gardens, O God, He sent a light for her grave and expanded her entrance, O God, light her grave, expand her entrance, and forget her grief .

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