The death of a pregnant doctor due to “Corona”, the director refused to grant her leave … and a strict Algerian decision – Politics – News


After an investigation by the Algerian Ministry of Health into the case of the death of a eight-month-old pregnant doctor due to her infection with the emerging coronavirus, action was taken regarding the incident..

According to “Monte Carlo”, the Algerian Ministry of Health decided, on Sunday, to dismiss the director of a hospital in the east of the country after the death of a pregnant doctor, with the new Corona virus during her work, which sparked great sympathy and anger among the Algerians after publishing the news that he refused to release her on an exceptional vacation..

The doctor, Wafaa Boudissah, died last Friday after she was afflicted by Covid 19 in her workplace in Ras El-Wad Hospital in the wilaya of Bordj Bou Arreridj, and she is eight months pregnant..

Last Saturday, the Minister of Health, Abd al-Rahman bin Bouzid, moved to offer condolences to the doctor’s family, where he announced an urgent investigation to “uncover the reasons for the work of a pregnant doctor in her eighth month in this department that poses a threat to her and her fetus,” according to the Algerian News Agency..

“Algeria lost a doctor who was working in an interest that carries a lot of danger, which raises many questions in this regard,” the minister added.

Yesterday, the state of Bordj Bou Arreridj announced, through its Facebook page, the decision of the Minister of Health to “end the duties of” the director of the Ras El Wad Hospital “based on the results of the investigation he had ordered regarding the death of Mrs. Wafaa Boudissah.”

According to “Monte Carlo”, a source in the Ministry of Health, who preferred not to be identified, confirmed the news of the dismissal of the hospital director as an “administrative measure”, indicating that the file could be submitted to the judiciary..

The news of the doctor’s death topped the news bulletins and sparked great sympathy for the Algerians on social media, where her picture and the image of her husband were shared with their young daughter greatly..

Social network users asked about the reasons why she did not benefit from an “exceptional vacation” as pregnant, or that she was not excused from work in the urgency department, where cases suspected of being infected with the new Corona virus are received..

A presidential decree to combat the Corona epidemic indicated the priority of pregnant women in exceptional holidays, just as those with chronic diseases.




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