The date of the series Umm Haroun, episode 17, and the channels that transmit it, Ramadan 2020


We follow with you through our website the date of the 17th episode of Umm Haroun, episode 17, and the channels that convey it Ramadan 2020, and it is among the series that received the highest follow-up rate from the Gulf and Arab audiences despite the state of criticism that the series was exposed to because of the story it presents to a Jewish woman who was subjected to bad treatment among all citizens And the events of the series revolve around many important social issues, and this is what made him witness great admiration for the Gulf countries and the entire Arab countries.

Umm Haroun Episode 17

Umm Haroun series is known as a Gulf series starring the Kuwaiti artist Hayat Al-Fahd, and it revolves around a Jewish woman who moves to the Gulf countries and suffers from many criticisms because of her Judaism, and she witnessed widespread controversy from many critics, to which the life of Al-Fahd responded, and she explained that this work Concerning the Jews, not the Zionists, she pointed to the wide difference between them.

The events of the series Umm Haroun

The series Umm Haroun is broadcast on MBC1 screens and it is shown at exactly ten in the evening, according to the timing of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the first show, the ninth in Egypt and eleven Emirates time, and is considered one of the most powerful dramas presented in Ramadan 2020, and the series has won millions of Viewership.


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