The date of the Qalbi program reassured the third season on the Abu Dhabi Emirates channel in Ramadan 2020 and the dates of the repetition


We publish for you today through our website the date of the presentation of the program “My Heart, Rest assured the third season, which episodes are displayed daily in the month of Ramadan this season 2020 on the Abu Dhabi Emirates channel, as it is one of the most important programs that are currently shown on TV, and everyone should follow it, as it urges People do good and help the poor and needy, as well as offer many examples that we must follow in order to have a healthy society.

The date of the program “Qalbi” reassure the third season

This program consists of thirty episodes that are shown daily on the Abu Dhabi Emirates channel, at exactly four o’clock in the afternoon, Egypt time, and repeated at ten thirty in the evening, and again at two thirty in the morning, and this program began three years ago in the month of Ramadan, and became one of The most successful humanitarian, religious and charitable programs in the whole Arab world, which have received great attention and interest from Muslims and Arab citizens.

The idea of ​​my heart program reassure the Emirati relief

The idea of ​​this program revolves around an Emirati youth called Ghaith who loves to help everyone in the entire Arab world, and not only in the Emirates, and broadcasts his program on the Abu Dhabi channel and appears hidden and no one knows its form, to start searching for the needy and the poor and provide them with assistance, as well as the sick and those They have any social problem, which works to solve it.


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