The date of the 9th episode of the American series, and the channels that carry Ramadan 2020


We follow with you through our site the date of the ninth episode of the 9th Manican series and the channels that carry it for Ramadan 2020, where the events of the series take place in a romantic and dramatic framework between three generations of women in one family, who were famous for bad luck with their relationship with men, and after they opened enough for men to work, many shocks and quarrels begin Among women and men working in the café, one of the Gulf series, and he succeeded in achieving very high viewership rates.

Manican series, Episode 9

The Manican series, starring Asmahan Tawfiq, Wahba Al-Dari and Haya Abdel Salam, is written by Maryam Nusair, and is shown on the Abu Dhabi satellite channel, and produced by Abu Dhabi TV, and Jirnas for artistic production, and the music of Walid Al-Hashim, the director of photography, Mohamed Fawzi, directed by Haya Abdel Salam, and participated In the championship, Mohammed Al-Alawi, Maytham Al-Hussaini, Gharour Safar, Ghadeer Hassan, Zainab Ghazi, Samud Al-Mumin, Sarah Rashad.

Manican series showtimes

The Manican series comes at four thirty in the evening Saudi time, the first replay at one in the morning, and the second replay at eight in the morning.

Abu Dhabi channel frequency

the channelThe satelliteFrequencyCoding ratepolarizationError correction factor
Abu DhabiArab Sat1180427500Horizontal4/3
Abu DhabiNile Sat1193827500my head6/5
Abu DhabiNile Sat1246727500Horizontal3/2


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