The cost of Hamo Bika’s clothes on the Ramez program


Tell me – the episode of the Egyptian folk singer, Hamo Beca, in which he appeared in the program “Ramiz Majnoun Rasmi”, presented by the artist Ramiz Jalal, continues to interact with the public, especially his talk about the brand clothes that he appeared in the program, where questions were raised by some about its price.

And Hamou Beca had previously stated that he is wearing clothes from the most expensive brands in the world, and even raised criticism of his clothes during his appearance earlier in the Musicians Syndicate, as Ramez Jalal spoke during the episode “Official Ramez Crazy” about the type of brand that Becca wears.

According to press sources, through a website that provides clothing from private brands, it is found that the prices start from $ 400, and the price of the Hama Bika jacket that he wore during his appearance on the program “Ramez Majnoon Official,” according to Beilin official website, is $ 740, equivalent to ( 11,440 pounds), it is called “Nylon Jacket Philip Bellin TM”.

The price of the shirt reached $ 680, which is equivalent to (10,880) pounds, while the price of the Hama Pika trousers, according to the site, is $ 400, equivalent to (6,400) pounds, while the price of the shoe that Hamu Beca wore is $ 850, that is (13,600) Pounds.

Designed by German fashion designer Philip Patrick Plein, born in Munich in 1978, he traveled with his family in many countries until he became interested in foreign cultures, architecture and art, and had access to the most important galleries and museums in the world.

Ramez Jalal had attempted to embarrass Hama Bika during a paragraph of drowning him in the large water box that includes “the huge crab” and Hamo Bika said: “I am in the money in my pocket, it will sink”, to which Ramez Jalal replied: “In your pocket as a cam”, Hamo Bika replied, saying: “Five Thousands of dollars, “which is equivalent to 78 thousand Egyptian pounds.

And Hama Becca entered into a state of shock, after the appearance of Ramez Jalal, and Hama Becca was surprised by him, so he commented: “Oh, black day.”

In the passage of the snake, Hamo Beca attempted to sympathize Ramez Jalal, saying: “The Prophet is tired of no.” However, Ramez Jalal insisted on intimidating him with him until he forced him to apologize to the Egyptian musician Helmy Bakr and the artist Hany Shaker, captain of Egyptian musicians.

After Hamu Beca got out of the dump, he tried to go to Ramiz Jalal while he was running until he fell into the pool of water and found that he was injured in his hand, which prompted him to show a normal reaction and calm his anger.

The idea of ​​the prank revolves around calling a guest by singer and media worker Arwa, so the guest sits in an electric chair without his knowledge, then tries to do it, but he is chained to the chains and he cannot rise.

Ramez Jalal appears to the guest with some comical comments, and begins provocative attempts, ending in a pool of water until he gets out of it, and goes to the upper floor so the guest is forced to go up the stairs, in a state of panic and crying.


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